Thursday, 9 February 2017

Protect their own innovation and creativity to be the step ahead of the rest!

Human mind is the basis of the progress of humanities. The fact is that we live in a world where human rights are violated, the story of a real protection of property is more often a puzzle.

For today’s corporations, intellectual property can be a source of both major revenue and considerable risk. As infringement and counterfeiting cases have become more and more common, companies have seen the potential costs involved in protecting their IP rights rise dramatically.

Companies need IP management strategies designed for maximum protection and and reduce the risk.

The products of the human mind are intangible assets, whose value is in duplication, use and presentation to other people, so it is not purposeful and often not even possible to protect with hiding, imprisonment or other measures of physical protection.

Because of the social value of these intangible assets it is considered to be creative or artistic realization of an idea which is the product of human intellect belongs to its creator and, under certain conditions, is his intellectual property. Although intangible, in the physical sense, intellectual property has all the characteristics of the property, but it can be bought, sold, licensed, exchanged, donated or inherited as any other property.

From the business point of view, intellectual property represents intangible assets whose successful exploitation can be a valuable foundation and contribution to business.

In order to protect this type goods and also encourage human creativity, that contributes to overall social development, has developed an appropriate system of legal protection of intellectual property. Intellectual property includes a system of legal instruments governing the acquisition of intellectual property and its protection against unauthorized use.

Unauthorized use or reproduction of the intellectual property law is violation of rights and the right of owner to access, use and obtain the benefits of such property shall be protected by the means and the legal institution.

Intellectual property includes two subgroups rights- copyright and related rights, and industrial property rights.

Copyright is the exclusive author’s right to handle their literary, scientific or artistic works, and works from others area of creativity, and also work from similar areas of creativity: to the rights of performers, phonograph products and broadcasting of radio and television.

Industrial property covers rights which protect producer’s business interests from competitors, position in the market and the resources invested in the research, development and promotion.

Some aspects of characteristic of a product can be protected by one more of the various forms of intellectual property, which complement each other. for example, a patent protect a new solution to a technical problem, industrial design protects the new exterior shape or appearance of the product and the stamp (also known as a trademark, registered trademark or Eng. trade mark) protects a sign which serves distinguish from similar products and/or services on the market.

A patent is a document which protects the exclusive right to exploit an invention. The invention, which has all the characteristics of patent ability going through the application process and the grant of the patent has granted patent protection. The patent provides the owner the exclusive right to manufacture, use, distribute or sale the invention protected by the patent.

Trademark is an exclusive right granted for a sign which is used to identify the goods and / or services of one person from the other people in economic transactions.

An industrial design protects the appearance in whole or part of a product which is new and whose individual character is the result of specific lines, contours, colors, shapes, and product’s materials itself or its ornamentation.


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